Figure of a Man

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Figure of a Man, Late Dynasty 26 (664–525 BC) or Early Dynasty 27 (525–404 BC), ca. 525 BC
7 3/4 × 3 3/4 × 2 1/4 in. (19.69 × 9.53 × 5.72 cm)
Gift of Eliot Grant Fitch M1959.351
Photo credit: P. Richard Eells
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This fragment may have once been part of a sculpture of a man kneeling with his arms outstretched and holding a shrine. The proportions and muscularity of the figure represent a conscious attempt in the Late Period to emulate the classic works of the Old and Middle Kingdoms. An inscription on the back identifies the work as a votive to Osiris; thus, it is a more costly version of the mass-produced bronzes purchased by pilgrims.

Publication History
Parke-Bernet, January 31–February 2, 1946 [auction catalogue]. New York: Parke-Bernet, 1946, cat. 165, b/w illus. p. 31.
Exhibition History
Ancient Art from Milwaukee Collections, University Art Museum, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, November 18–December 22, 1984.

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