The Adoration of Love (La Dauration l'amour)

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Hector Hyppolite (Haitian, 1894–1948)
The Adoration of Love (La Dauration l'amour), 1946–48
Oil on cardboard
29 1/2 × 23 1/2 in. (74.93 × 59.69 cm)
Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Flagg M1978.123
Photo credit: Larry Sanders
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Hector Hyppolite’s brief, three-year stint as an artist attached to Le Centre d’Art in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, beginning in 1945, came at the end of his life following a career as a Vodun priest. In response to a call from the spirits to paint, he completed over 150 works using his fingers and chicken feathers instead of brushes to create densely colored and evocatively smudged compositions. Hyppolite’s art blends Vodun and Catholic traditions to demonstrate the shared spirituality of African and Christian faiths. Here, high contrasts of light and dark frame an iconic crucified Christ extending his own light – the light of the world – over five adoring acolytes.

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