Head of a Noblewoman

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Head of a Noblewoman, 14th century
7 × 9 3/4 × 12 in. (17.78 × 24.77 × 30.48 cm)
Gift of the William Randolph Hearst Foundation through the Milwaukee Sentinel M1958.67
Photo credit: John Nienhuis
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This portrait of a late medieval noblewoman shows her lying on her back. This is because it was made to rest upon her tomb, which would have been in a French church. Known as a gisant, which is French for “reclining,” it would have originally been part of a full-figure sculpture. The woman wears an elaborate headdress, including a gorget, or a piece of fabric pulled across her chin and fastened to her braids, which was fashionable in the fourteenth century.

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