"Pastille" chair

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Eero J. Aarnio (Finnish, b. 1932)
Distributed by Stendig Inc. United States
"Pastille" chair, 1968–1975, designed 1968
21 × 35 in. (53.34 × 88.9 cm)
Gift of Friends of Art M2001.129
Photo credit: John R. Glembin
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Round and colorful, Aarnio’s Pastilli chair is reminiscent of the Italian candies from which the name is derived. Aarnio originally conceived the chair as a way to fill the empty, cushioned space inside the Ball chair, which he’d designed a few years earlier, so the two products could be packaged and shipped together. He had also intended for the Pastilli chair to function as a rocking chair, but soon realized that the fiberglass construction allowed for year-round outdoor use, including sledding in the winter and floating on water in the summertime.

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