Crowned Falcon (Horus)

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Crowned Falcon (Horus), Ptolemaic Period (323–30 BC), 323/30 BC
Bronze and wood
height: 8 in. (20.32 cm)
Gift of Mrs. Gabriele F. Pfeiffer M1984.143
Photo credit: John Nienhuis
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The falcon's freewheeling mastery of the sky and the fierce arrogance of its sharp beak and darting glance made the bird of prey a major embodiment of divinity for the ancient Egyptians. Foremost among a number of falcon gods, and one of the most important of the Egyptian pantheon, was Horus, in whom majesty and lordliness were preeminent. Like all the major gods, Horus had many aspects and could be variously represented. His role here, in wholly animal form, is as the great national and royal god of all of Egypt.

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