Hark! The Lark

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Winslow Homer (American, 1836–1910)
Hark! The Lark, 1882
Oil on canvas
36 3/8 x 31 3/8 in. (92.39 x 79.69 cm) framed: 48 × 43 × 4 1/8 in. (121.92 × 109.22 × 10.48 cm)
Layton Art Collection Inc., Gift of Frederick Layton L99
Photo credit: John R. Glembin
Not Currently on View

Winslow Homer considered this the most significant painting to emerge from his extended stay in the English sea village of Cullercoats. Already well established for his paintings of children playing, rural farm life, and idyllic seascapes, Homer sought new artistic inspiration among the fisherwomen of this region. Although the title indicates that the women have paused to hear a bird, their postures and expressions suggest a wary optimism as they look out to sea. Sculptural and robust, the figures resonate with the courage and stoicism that marked a new phase in the artist's career: after returning from England, Homer settled permanently in Maine and made the sea and its residents his primary subjects.

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