Thoughtful Shopper

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Norman Rockwell (American, 1894–1978)
Thoughtful Shopper, 1924
Oil on canvas
26 × 22 1/8 in. (66.04 × 56.2 cm)
Gift of the René von Schleinitz Foundation M1962.57
Photo credit: John R. Glembin
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As a disgruntled shopkeeper plays reluctant model, a young woman contemplates a new hat. Is the purchase a routine part of her shopping or in preparation for a later engagement? While her motives might be vague, Norman Rockwell’s clear, realist style made him one of the most successful magazine illustrators of his day, one of the many twentieth century artists to blend high art with popular culture. This image, for example, appeared on the May 3, 1924, cover of the popular weekly magazine The Saturday Evening Post. Rockwell’s paintings of small town life have resonated with audiences for their homespun values and nostalgic reverberations.

Publication History
Bisanz, Rudolf M. The René von Schleinitz Collection of the Milwaukee Art Center: Major Schools of German Nineteenth-Century Popular Painting. Milwaukee, Wisconsin: Milwaukee Art Center, 1980, p. 280, cat. 194.

Saturday Evening Post (May 3, 1924): cover illus.

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